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International Crisis Support Contacts


Ark of Hope for Children designed Removing Chains to provide mentoring support for survivors of all sorts. We find that while we can provide emotional support online, often a survivor needs more. We provide the following pages of hotlines and professional resources based upon the countries where we have actively served survivors through this site. Included are mental health and other services that you may be seeking.

As a service to our users our website provides these International Hotline Crisis Emergency numbers and links to professional organizations. Use the menu system to the right, based upon these countries. These are intended to be a thorough list of resources. If you have knowledge of changes or additions to a particular list, please contact us here. In that light, these are your countries. We challenge everyone to notify us of new or missing resources. 

International Hotline Numbers:

Child sexual offense www.reportchildsex.com

Australian Crisis Lines

Canadian Crisis Lines

United Kingdom Crisis Lines

United States Crisis Lines


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